Custom Design

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Custom design metal art and garden art

Custom Design Procedure

We can help with your custom metal art work small or large. The following conditions apply to any custom design or manufacture.

Due to the high volume of custom design work, we prefer contact via our contact form .

Please email us the following details to get the process started.

    1. Size of the design Length x width
    1. Material type e.g. mild steel sheet, aluminum, stainless or brass
    1. Finish e.g. raw (unpainted natural state), painted (Colour), powder coating or any other types of finishes.
    1. If you are paying for designing of the Artwork (please see Artwork section)
  1. Any photos, artwork or ideas that will help with the design process.

Please note due to copyright laws. If you supply us with artwork to be used in your design: You must own the artwork or have permission to use it in your design.

If any further details are required we will contact you. Once all details have been assessed, a quote will be generated and emailed to you within 7-14 days


All artwork stays the intellectual property of Salt Metal Art.

Because the artwork is the intellectual property of Salt Metal Art it can be reproduced at any time for resale.

The only time the artwork becomes the intellectual property of the customer is when Salt Metal Art receives payment  for designing the artwork.

Design & Manufacturing time

Once Salt Metal Art receives 100% payment of quoted price manufacture will commence. Manufacturing times vary depending on demand and usually 4- 8 weeks.


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