Mini Indoor Garden Ideas to Green Your Home

Window Herbs

Gardening indoors presents a number of challenges but it’s also a great option if you don’t have a suitable outdoor yard. Maybe you live in a one bedroom flat or a small studio. Don’t let that stop you though as even with limited space, there’s a lot you can do with pots, planters, and custom-made garden areas.

Just imagine being able to snip freshly grown herbs right from your home. With an indoor garden you can and the good news is you can get everything you need from local nursery shops. There are many ways to create a beautiful indoor garden without taking up too much space. Not sure how to get started? We’ve got you covered. Here we put together some mini indoor garden ideas that you can use today.

Window Herbs

With your own herbs you’ll be able to add the finishing touches to any recipe. To get started, all you need are containers with drainage holes, a seed packet of your favourite herbs, and soil – all of which can be purchased from your local nursery. To jumpstart the process you can also plant seedlings which already have their roots formed. Then you’ll only need to water them regularly so the soil doesn’t go dry.

Place your herbs by the window where they’ll need at least 6 hours of sunlight a day. If you don’t get reliable sunlight, you may need to look into some kind of artificial lighting for your herbs. Once your herbs are fully grown you’ll be able to snip them off anytime. Just remember to keep at least one healthy sprig so they can continue to grow.

Cupped Plants

Cupped Plants

Another great way to green your home is with the addition of cupped plants. With this idea, plants are set directly into small cups which can be anything from old mugs to plastic containers. Then all you’ll need are plant seeds or seedlings if you want to hasten the process and some soil. Tiny plants and even some vegetables grow well in small cups.

With cupped plants, you can place them anywhere around the home to liven up your living spaces. Remember to regularly water your plants and make sure they get adequate sunlight. Don’t be afraid to mix and match plants of different types and sizes for a unique look.


Wall Planters

Don’t have a lot of floor space? Then one option you can consider are wall planters. These are special arrays designed to easily mount on a wall. Choose from simple garden rods that you can install yourself or hanging glass terrariums for a modern look. With a bit of creativity, you can even create your own wall planters by repurposing a wooden pallet and mounting small plant containers to the frame.

If you’re trying to keep costs down, a cost effective alternative is to string plastic bottles together as containers and hang them on your wall. It’s also a great way to stay eco-friendly as you can recycle your old bottles and use them for your indoor garden.

There’s no shortage of ideas but with these you can start small and slowly expand your garden. Don’t be afraid to experiment as the whole process is a valuable learning experience. The only regret you might have is not starting sooner!


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