Colorful Backyard Fire Pit

Backyard Fire Pit

There’s something about cooking outside, sitting by a crackling campfire that probably connects us with our primitive dna. Or maybe it’s just the sheer naturalness of lazing in a soft chair outdoors in front of a colourful fire pit that appeals. If you don’t have a fire pit out the back, you don’t know what you’re missing! Cookouts, more hours outside underneath the stars, and your party guests will love it even more if you decorate your outdoor fire pit space and make it more colourful. The craftspeople at Salt Metal Art can make a custom fire pit to suit your space and your style. Or you can buy one or make it yourself if you’re that way inclined. 

How To Add Colour to the Fire Pit 

Try to create an inviting entrance or walkway to the fire pit, and keep in mind both daylight hours and night time when you’re decorating so it looks appealing during both these periods. Some pretty lanterns can lead the way. Spice up your fire pit by adding some metal art such as a tree of life or a privacy screen to keep the warmth in as you snuggle up in a comfy outdoor chair with friends and family toasting marshmallows. For a little tranquil style, try a Buddha scene wall art, or have some fun with rose-shaped metal flowers against the greenery, metal cats and lilies, all available from Salt Metal Art. These look very chic if you shone a light on them at night.

Speaking of colour – wood contains salt, which is why burning it produced mostly yellow flames, but for special occasions, you can add more colour by adding other harmless chemicals. You can buy packets of chemicals that are specially made for colouring the flames in your firepit. But always be careful when playing with fire!

Choose a Colour Theme

Fire brings family and friends together whatever the season so having one in your backyard will bring a lot of joy. Having a fire burning when you have a fire burning it’s easy to create some ambience but you can also use the same colour palette throughout the fire pit area. Bright shades in outdoor furniture and decor help set the mood for fun or for those special events. Floral landscaping adds brightness and appeal. And you can colour coordinate your chairs and tables and add splashes of brightness with a few cushions or throw rugs if the weather is cool. Have a basket filled with extra blankets and throws and cushions. Hint: Arrange the seating in groups to encourage people to chat.  

What Kinds of Fire Pits Are There?

Fire pits can be wood-burning or gas – wood brings more of a campfire feel and gas is cleaner, so take your pick. You should make sure your wood-burning fire pit is in an open space where nothing outside of the pit can catch fire because sparks will fly into the air. Be careful of embers that might land on your outdoor blinds or awnings, and don’t go to bed and leave the fire burning. Gas fire pits only have to be switched it off. (You might wonder if marshmallows can be toasted over gas – they can, but there might be a gas aftertaste). Whatever fire you use, the most popular pits tend to be circular, with seating to match. This is good for encouraging conversation. Don’t have the seating too close to the fire, but not so far away that your family and guests can’t benefit from the warmth or be delighted by the flickering flames. Some fire pits and the surrounding seating are set into the ground both for control of the fire and for comfort. Use wide benches that are cushioned so they’re comfy and there’s plenty of seating. 

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