The Latest Trends in Home Construction and Renovation

Home Construction

The saying ‘everything old is new again’ is apt when it comes to home construction and renovation, and it’s clear which trends from the past are on the way back for 2019. As far as building goes, you might be in for a bit of a surprise when you learn what’s hot and what’s not. Years of maximalist furnishings and white-on-white design are succumbing to the fickleness of fashion and making way for a style that’s much more natural. Whether you’re choosing renovations or building a brand new home, looking at some building trends can supply some inspiration for your project. Some popular home renovation trends include areas in the home that are used frequently, such as bathrooms and kitchens, with others including irrigated gardens, a continuation of the indoor/outdoor merger and new paint jobs for both inside and outside the home. The first thing to think about is funding the transformation.


Using Your Home Equity to Pay For Renovations

One of the simplest methods to pay for the renovation of your home without taking out a personal loan or an investment loan is using your home equity, which is often used to fund such projects. 

Home equity is the difference between your lender’s valuation of your property and how much you owe on your mortgage. Over time, home equity usually rises, as the value of your home increases, and also as make repayments and reduce the principal. Be aware though that your lender won’t allow you to borrow 100 per cent of your equity. You’ll have to leave at least 20 per cent there as security for your loan. Your lender will also want to be sure you can service a higher mortgage before they allow you to borrow on your equity. Once you’ve worked out the basics, then it’s time to use an online borrowing power calculator to estimate how much you’ll be able to borrow. Now for some of the building and reno trends:


The Sunroom is Back

Sunrooms are back in the spotlight now, adding light and spaciousness to new homes. These sun-drenched rooms can be whatever you want them to be, whether for entertaining, or a room where the family gathers for games. Some people use their sunrooms as indoor garden spaces where they place pot plants that love plenty of sunlight. More and more new home designs are incorporating a large, windowed area, because having a room that invites lots of natural light is sensible. Decorative metal art panels and screens and other metal decor items can add to the appeal of the outdoor space when seen from the sunroom.


Colour is Returning to the Humble Cupboard

For the past 10 years, white or grey kitchens have reigned, but their time has come, it seems. More and more designs now feature painted or lighter wood cabinets and cupboards to add some variety, colour and personalisation to kitchens. Pine or oak that is stained lightly is a fabulous contrast in a white kitchen. There’s also a trend in silvery grey paint to bring some warmth to a stark dining area. 

Concrete Wall

Concrete or ‘Cement’ Elements

Cement no longer only means pathways and driveways or concrete slabs. Concrete is now a home designer’s helpmate. Builders increasingly used cement or concrete elements for loft-like, industrial-loft-like floors and even wonderfully tactile and durable benchtops. If you’re not ready to go full-on concrete for your floors – polished concrete is as popular as ever – or for a countertop in the kitchen, why not use it as a decor item with concrete planters in your sunroom for your favourite green growing things, or try a concrete accent table?

Minimalist Bedroom

The Minimalist Bedroom

The perfect bedroom is one where comfort is the main objective. But the decluttered look is still king when it comes to bedroom design. There’s less disorder and more chance of maintaining a calm, comfortable room by using a minimalist design and minimalist bedroom furniture. Rather than filling the bedrooms up with furniture, the trend is a seamless, sleek look with wall-mounted lamps, low platform beds, and super organised cupboards. The latest bedrooms are clean and relaxing, making them the perfect way to turn a sleeping space into a calming retreat.

Modern Bathroom

The Modern Bathroom

For bathroom renovations, try not to let practicality take over from style. Now, old-school luxury meets efficiency and bathrooms are being transformed into zones of wellness and style. The bathrooms are so chic you’ll want to leave the door open so visitors can see it and be awed. Natural and synthetic stone with wood and coloured marbles in accessories such as soap dishes is a big trend. And Italian terrazzo is back on the bathroom scene.

Bamboo Chair and Table

Natural finishes

Builders and owners want to make their homes more organic looking, which means stone wood and bamboo. Such natural finishes make a house feel more cosier without clutter. Using smooth river rock as a finish for the fireplace, real wood for a butcher’s block in the kitchen, it’s all about the outdoor, natural calm being brought inside. Plenty of greenery also helps in this regard, using house plants and succulents to balance the heavier materials.

Building a home is more than just construction, it means making a living space you’ll love for many years ahead. As for building and renovation trends, remember that colours, textures and finishes come into fashion and go out again. So try to choose a home design and materials that you really like and that appeals to the whole family. 

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