The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodel

It shouldn’t come as a surprise of how common and popular kitchen renovations are. Whether it’s cooking for yourself, your family and friends, having the perfect kitchen makes enjoying your time at home almost effortless. You can decorate your kitchen space with the range of great home decor products at Salt Metal Art and upgrade the look of your kitchen space. A kitchen revamp can be exactly what you need to reach peak comfort, style and efficiency for your home. Careful planning always takes a lot of time and effort, and a perfect strike of balance is needed between practicality and aesthetics. To help you with your choices, we’ve laid out the ultimate guide to planning your kitchen remodel. 


Start smart

You may have your dream kitchen in mind, but some aspects may not be a priority, or even feasible in terms fitting in within the budget. Start with considering the following aspects when planning your kitchen remodel: Goals. Maybe you want a wider kitchen area space to freely move about. Or, maybe you need an extra pantry to store all your kitchen goods. List down what you want for your remodelling project and organize it according to priority. As for aesthetics, gather pictures of rooms, products and decor elements that you like. Budget. It can be tempting to go all in and deck out your whole kitchen with fancy new items, but it’s better to prioritize your needs over wants. Any home improvement, whether big or small, can incur hidden costs and unplanned expenses that can add up quickly.  Layout. Get a scale drawing of your existing plan which shows the location of electrical outlets, plumbing, heating, windows and doors. From here, try the classic work triangle rule, which involves placing your three most-used appliances in a triangular pattern. Making all these appliances closeby prevents you from needing to take too many steps in your kitchen, adding to the efficiency and comfort to your kitchen area. It’s also useful to consider things such as your dining area and how you want that room to seamlessly fit into your kitchen space. Envision the look and layout such as the type of flooring (carpet, wooden, etc.) or if you’d opt out having a separate dining room entirely.  Use. If you love hosting parties and cooking for large groups, you might want to splurge on a spacious fridge, but if you only cook on weekends, it’s better to opt for energy-efficient and self-cleaning appliances. Consider whether you’ll need in-built furniture such as cabinets for the upgrade.  

Kitchen Appliances

Shopping for appliances? Heed these notes

Modern smart appliances are packed with trendy features, and they can be alluring to buy. After all, who doesn’t want comfort with style? However, when comparing prices, there are some aspects you need to pay attention to. One of them is energy efficiency. Energy Star rated appliances guarantees that you save money on utility costs and reduce carbon footprints. Another thing to look into is safety. If you bought a professional range, make sure you don’t skip on the hood. Stove controls should be on the front, not in between. There shouldn’t be knobs that kids can touch and switch by mistake. To avoid the use of disruptive extension cords, your design plan should include the right set of outlets. For the busy homeowner, ease of cleaning is essential. See if your refrigerator has tempered glass shelves and self-defrosting features. Choose materials that are fingerprint resistant. For your countertop, pick slabs that don’t demand much cleaning effort. Consider granite on your highly-visible areas. This type of stone is popular for its scratch-and-heat-resistant properties. 

Kitchen Renovate

Pick the right contractor

Countertops cracking, mouldings ripping, and other kitchen remodel nightmares can be avoided if you can find and work with the best contractors. A good gauge on that is to view their previous works. Transparency in previous renovation work is ideal, and it’s also important to do a background check on their reputation in the market. Shortlist a few contractors you’re interested in working with, and keep notes of aspects you like about each of them to confirm with upon contacting them.  Things you should look out for when hiring contractors:

  • Work habits. Do they arrive on time? Are they respectful? How do they supervise their sub-laborers?
  • Commitment to the scope of work. Did they stick to the plan? Are there any changes made? Do they have a smart clean-up method?
  • Budget. Did the project stay within the budget? How far has it gone over?
  • Progress and delays. Do they keep you updated with the progress? Will they finish on time or cause several days of delay?
  • Crisis management. Were they able to quickly solve issues that arise during the kitchen remodel?

Inside every dream home is a dream kitchen – or a space that has potential for it. At some point, you may have to do drastic overhauls to achieve your vision, but the effort is worth it. Not only will this add value to your home, this also makes cooking food much more enjoyable. When it comes to kitchen remodelling, always think about function, style, and longevity. Instead of going for a cookie-cutter concept, why not implement something with your own personal touch? Shop at Salt Metal Art for all your art, decor, and custom signs – available for the home, garden, events, and more. 

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